Friday, April 16, 2010

snakes at the billabong

the billabong seems a perfect snake place
no sooner I thought as an eastern brown
the second most dangerous snake
passed me by with it's musky odour

on my second return, trod almost on a red belly black
it slithered away from me as I fled at an obtuse angle
to it's vector sine wave mapping of the landscape
a distinct fishy smell, that's how I knew

darkroom photos

the beginning, enlarger bench built from recycled cypress pine

and finished, walls and ceiling made from 3mm mdf
and studio space in front

and darkroom wet bench now in use

and the two enlargers on enlarging bench, and I built all this myself
(miracles do happen)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

more at Lagoon Creek

two more sketches which demonstrates the process of sketching
which go toward camera film and location and to
get inside the image making process

Delta 100 meter read at 100 ISO
developed in Perceptol 1+3 at 50 ISO (16mins at 20 C)
this is the response I was looking for

this looks like it would make a nice vertical diptych
also works as a horizontal diptych

Monday, April 12, 2010

first fire

first fire of the season
snow on the alps [above]

below, Mamiya RB67 ProSD, 127mm KL lens, on tripod in the field.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

high contrast billabong photo

Ilford Delta 100 seems to demonstrate itself as a high contrast film. I am over exposing by a stop, it appears and despite attempts at a gentle development in 1+50 Rodinal. Tomorrow Ilford's ID11 should arrive. I think I like 1+3 ID11 for Delta 100. Perhaps rated at 50 ASA for ID11 and 100 for meter?

US Romantic and Realist landscape painting

The two major aspects of landscape painting could be said to be trees and water, sky and clouds as an  extra third option. See; United States Romantic and realist landscape paintings below. It is not such a large leap to imagine Ansel Adams' photography quoting these landscape views and compositional style, which is to say, Romantic landscape painting.

Frederic Edwin Church, Niagara, 1857; and Albert Bierstadt, Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, 1868; images quoted from: A World History of Art Revised 7th edition, 2009, Laurence King Publishing. pp 675, 676

Saturday, April 10, 2010

more landscape ideas

with a theme, trees and water, isn't this the major theme of landscape

Monday, April 5, 2010

Creek crossing landscape

two landscape sketches getting toward an idea of landscape as becoming and so in between not in the spatial sense but as in between is becoming

Deleuze says too much movement botches becoming so it seems that to get landscape ideas happening a repeated return to the creek and river
here, a gravel beach for crossing, 

trees and water, that seems the idea, colonial deconstruction
an idea in between critical
there is a suggested photogram mesh, such as fly screen, which can be added to the images as a sort of literal grid which is nevertheless twisted; not straight

a diptych is suggested

wrecked police

wrecked boat evidence in court; says young man
with glock 9mm on his right hip, so hand-
some blue uniform, very big, very big
not a good way to start a house dog
habitation; so much effort needed
for a dress rehearsal

more codeine

codeine needs pain, the pain is here

a failure of contract
not enough opioid

pain remains, will sleep excuse

distant pathos haptic II

how to treat a horizon
silver rich black and white film

clutter just out of focus
on an anticipated horizon line
makes distance reached
through a haptic stretch

the clutter of human remnant images
quantum neutron bomb leaves
property safe without human

close haptic vision felt with hand eyes
draw in close distant horizon pathos
on absolute distant pathos horizon
a pathos of distant absolute on which

[this could be said; affects densely  neural
fire, sad nostalgia still distress, a pill
needed here to save leftover health
and nostalgic good feeling

after event nostalgic fancy
looks with a smile]

toward a distant pathos

i am thinking of Peter's  "How the poem is born IV" (see link below)

digital image manipulation and blurred out of focus back ground section seems a way to approach pathos of different and distant with a haptic vision

OK, call this one visual solution