Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still life in production

this is the camera being set up....

Sunflowers stills

two more still lifes, this time approximated toning to emulate full selenium toning

Sunday, June 20, 2010

human being Deleuze

Deleuze, that reader and writer on Kant.
His inside out reversal of Kant's a-priori is
a profound humanism. It must be... metaphysical univocal and all

Can it be any other way while avoiding giving anything to the categories
to the correct usage of Kant's  faculties?

digital/analog interface with water devining

I have basically fallen in love with my little Canon A490 point and shoot
digital. (It even has a spot meter which is more then I can say for my heavier and larger in size Gossen Lunapro light meter.)

Underground where I stand, building the latest still life in the series, my wire
divining rod goes right off the dial meaning I am standing on top of the
Namoi River, an underground rhizome river at the bottom of a valley of a
rhizome volcano, known as the Nandewar Volcano.

Analog/digital and a divining rod made from a steel coat hanger cut to the proportions which humans and rhizome water streams resonate.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Deleuze; the absolute idealist

Recently I have been trying to write this blog in clause chains
rather then traditional sentence paragraph structure

and I received a rather interesting comment along the lines
that this is as if it were thought in production
     with hesitations         gaps                and    so    on

I hope to get       the real flesh and blood neural body
contra the ideal bodies of Nietzsche and Deleuze
     philosophy's    ideal      always      not         there

Yesterday         I stumbled onto another    naked      body

I am an Aspergers in severe neurological pain

rather then the popular idealist  misconception
of Aspergers as being low on affect  
that is the ideal body
with limited affect

                  Aspergers is a neurological condition
which in real neural terms is an overloading of distressing affect as if pain is a
brick wall that one is attached to and unable to break from or through

without the  use of morphine, which my government denies me
                  as luck would have it
I have enough valium and codeine to get through to words
                             and thought

It seems to me here
                the body must  break away
                                       from philosophy
                  which itself becomes a brick
       wall denying access to the
real neurological flesh and blood body

In this blog I have been playing analog against digital images
and again Deleuze is mistaken in his logic of aligning
the human body with the analog against
the digital societies of control

Rather, the real flesh,
blood and neural body
           is the interface
the real flesh and blood
                         face      the Asperger misreads
not because of lack of physical
                 affect           facial expressions, body languages
and so forth         but because of a neural
overload in the feedback system
which is the flesh and blood body

Deleuze's alignment of the analog with the human
then his mistaken absolute idealism

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One dimensional colour

From one dimension, a flat colour without depth, without width, is made

where to look for this illusion
an illusion that appears as space and depth

I rather like this idea from:

In mathematics, particularly in complex analysis, a Riemann surface, first studied by and named after Bernhard Riemann, is a one-dimensional complex manifold. Riemann surfaces can be thought of as "deformed versions" of the complex plane: locally near every point they look like patches of the complex plane, but the global topology can be quite different. For example, they can look like a sphere or a torus or a couple of sheets glued together.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

latest still life in production

Here is a colour digital snap of the latest still life in production
this has been shot 4x5 monochrome on the view camera
I will post that as soon as the proof print is made in my darkroom