Sunday, June 23, 2013

some more short lyric like fragment for BBQ

I do not see it as a problem or wrong doing to provide an archive with this blog of the way Barbecue  is being put together. This sort of collage and mosaic method rests as much on the poetics being put together, revised and rewritten as the final printed versions may be. And some more...

embellishment as the words are passed along
adding exit clauses to gay liberation stories
day light and curfew after sunset imposed by
parents limiting his movements and night time
meetings only some passed as a sleep over with
his high school best bud and could have been boy
friend except knowing each other and loving
like brothers this would be perhaps too much
like incest not that they see any wrong with
this being ways can and love may happen no real
needs for prohibition except their loving is
illegal in too many ways each approachable as
arrests and ending in court a large fine or
in prison and we just now really know fighting
is the only way just now left open and to go

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