Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quoting Caravaggio

I have just ordered this book. Finding a new art history book to read which I like the sound of.

I have had a concern that there is an unconscious bad faith Aristotelian return to the categories which connects media arts to digital computer based art media to the exclusion of other media such as silver gelatin.

The visual ideas I had for the multimedia poetry script, The Bar-B-Q, transfer easily to large format sliver gelatin. Also to triptych landscape done with the Mamiya C330f TLR and I am looking toward a series of landscape montage for which I acquired a Mamiya RB67 Pro SD. Now cheap cameras thanks to digital in the commercial arena.

Also, the large format monorail photos are also quoting the landscape images in the novel, now with a working title of Swindle: book one. All of this seems to speak against a technological determinist slide back into an Aristotelian notion of categories as being determined by the latest digital media as a definition of media arts and with the authority of a Kantian fine arts excluding silver gelatin from the media arts. So the exclusion of silver gelatin from media arts accomplishes a doubled exclusion which is a media arts return to Aristotle in thrall to representation.

A good faith media arts can only oppose this exclusion. Unless it does so, then it fails as media arts. A proclaimed representation to which the Kantian term mannerism may be equally applied. A failure, sadly, sadly.

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