Sunday, March 6, 2011

BBQ still lifes

Below are 22 low res jpegs of the still lifes I have chosen that fit in with the Barbecue book.

I am thinking this is material for a 48 page book, 11 by 11 inches, on matte art paper with the written verse of BBQ on the left or right hand page and the monochrome still life image on the left hand side page.

This being absolute deviation poetics, without fore-shadow or back-shadow, in the narrative sense, but absolute deviation in the sense that we still do not know what the body of the book will do, I am only guessing that this is it.

... each has a story and many stories, a type of narrative we cannot predict. It could be said these still lifes are time images, rather then images of time. We need to go further; these images are thought images. Thinking infinite speeds. This is the distorted 3D collage image. 3D is not there, now. (There is no stable or fixed point of view to fix both the photographic visual image and viewer. The looking takes time, infinite speeds.)

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