Saturday, March 27, 2010

mamiya c330f tlr

This is what my Mamiya C330f twin lens reflex looks like, used this for landscape triptych

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It has interchangeable lenses and the lenses are famous for the sort of muted, perhaps low contrast, but then that is wrong way to say, lenses which are, well,  some of the sharpest lenses out of Japan. They need a lens hood if flare is a problem. Very different to obviously more hard saturated contrasty Mamiya RB67 TL lenses or the 4X5 Schneider lenses I use. The previous Mamiya TLR body to the above I use is a C33, which I dropped onto concrete and broke the left focus knob off. I put a roll of film through it, Efke 25, it still works, sharp as ever. Diane Arbus used a C33 and Efke 25 film and you can see the contrasty nature of her portraits which she found a bit of a problem. I develop Efke 25 in Rodinal 1+100 for 18 minutes at 20 C and this pulls the contrast in and uses the full range of this silver rich Adox formula. Arbus didn't have this option.

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