Saturday, March 27, 2010

4X5 monorail

This is what I do the still lifes with. If  a need be for large format film and movements, also for landscape and field (outside studio)

image from

4x5 inch monorail camera. It is a very basic monorail and unlike the 100 or more pages of instructions for my point and shoot digital, don't have a manual, that I know of, at least.

The lens goes on one end and the ground glass, which you compose with and then insert a film holder into, on the other end. It twists and bends.


from above: Calumet 45N. The proven Calumet camera is a fully-featured monorail, with a bare-bones design. It can be folded for transport, and is upgradable with Calumet accessories. heavy (8lbs). 

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