Wednesday, September 12, 2012

more BBQ draft verse

More verse lines, still to be revised, as a contribution to the Barbecue book. More and more Barbecue is forming into something that may be going toward verse novels. Not knowing what is to become of  a writing project, except the collage like collection of lines of verse, which seem to break off in directions not expected... at one time this fitted in with the large format still life series posted earlier and now finds a part place with digital video production...

        *        *        *

And in the morning:

In the local village supermarket store
the radio plays an electronic remix
of Johnny are you queer

Late 20th century disco hit
Costello's late night boy bar
Kellet Street/ Kings Cross
we ate breakfast at Tiffany's

and went home/ where ever that was
his father frowns at me in his bed
too young to screw around; he says
after a night together in the boy bar
streets of late 70s inner city Sydney

crusades for our rights/ too young he says
to want human rights as I lay awake in his bed
and his father pokes his head through the door
he is jealous he says on awakening/ has a hangover
was he too young/ was I too young/ I should
be dead. He may be is.

And those lines last night/ still white powder
in the plastic pouch/ at the next stop we
shoot smack to bring us down and in the
afternoon his father pokes his head in the door
and awake in his bed I see his wink:

was that disproval

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