Saturday, March 2, 2013

FIRST SEX (more BBQ verse novel)

Some more draft verse for Barbecue verse novel... this fits in somewhere in the middle of the novel narrative. This is being put together as a collage and using first person here. Point of view changes perhaps as a way of doing free indirect discourse in a verse novel. Lyric as narrative?

12th birthday/ when first I experiment
a way born into living/ having fun
not lifestyle choosing but innate where I am
so I tell you/ this is the way it is going to be
now handle this/ again your only choice
to be already chosen/ if a few
just three chosen ones/ will make a triplet
without now concepting straight against gay
in days of liberation/ is to be
politics champion/ identity
and this is where it is happening
and after what is coming to be said
we march on the streets/ angry defiant
all illegal charges are dropped in court
and this/ was a way the marching went
on days of demanding/ our human rights

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