Thursday, June 6, 2013

Collage and cut up

...another draft poem for BBQ using cut up and collage of digital news feeds... like Burroughs cut ups get edited to fit in and be done from yr head, no need to cut up physically

meta data up


        extraordinary repudiation

 pretense of constraint

        particular  suspicion

                    does precisely that

the data base of war on spinning digital disk after spinning disk

extreme interpretation of law

            excessive domestic surveillance

suspected of being an agent
        terrorist group

    this hostile foreign state

    rights &    finite set of individual targets

and i let him shoot inside me & come with me

and i wore that itch he gave me

        inside for a month

            until antibiotics got things right

        sleep with a secret service officer

    swinging he says both ways

        & carry sexual filial infections

along with a sub machine gun pistol
            under their off the hook coat

            badly fitting

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