Monday, May 27, 2013

More BBQ drafts...

...again this works with diagonal links across pages which may be variously several pages apart and for want of a better term, collage narrative,  allowing narrative to emerge and thinking of getting rid of sentences as much as possible leaving clause chains...

a computer encrypted plastic
magnetic card opening door
the code being correct lets
       us in we may enter now
            every floor in this domestic
                  affair into matters of fact

burning ships sink in harbour
sailing does not have any faith
in a boat pitching and bending
       and men overboard are wrapped
             in arm's tender care hauled up
                   with lines to a rescue helicopter


a crack in time on every floor
of this palace a home cold drafts
get in through ice winter nights

running men naked doing things
follow like dogs on a short leash
and targets of weakness sent away

sweet fruits butter mock cream
between layers of a sponge cake    
and after fresh butcher red meat

eyes behind dark sun glasses
do not give away heavy stares
of lust for naked male forms

a palace of lust is icy cold
like the lower ranks of hell
and keeping warm is a delight

body against body against body
multiple sexual partners' place
in drawing rooms with cigars

males pull in close together
and contact is made lip to lip
boys have cake and eat it too

proteins artificially made food
for a growing boy created flavours
to make it nice to eat face pulled

not nice is this artificial stuff
one must protest let there be food
one may swallow without distaste

your heart of gold cannot fight you
are better known then your manifest
so may one recreate your fool's gold

yet again again and there is more
with a hot metaphysical being innate
nature crossing real states of affairs

and a purple head slips inside warmth
a strange hollow and empty feeling now
can we be friends again with benefits

how many comes can you do in one night
soft fluffy warm wool on naked flesh
and cold into wilderness an exile

being some kid without any talent
a strong discipline is needed in reply
knocking us off our feet before we flee

are there more tricks up your sleeves
hidden secrets known to be in there
can it be said looking for a way out

and stretch the skin around his balls
hanging loose in hot tropical days
sweat pours from his leaky body

should my kiss for him be shared
my slim waist soft skin teen body
is not so alien and strange as what

what can I say a mystery is made
in these days of my immature youth
my loves letting me down betrayed

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