Monday, May 6, 2013

...and some more dramatic monolog for BBQ

(working title-- horse&buggy)

        like        riding a horse and buggy
        to a gay bar         like last year
   well I did             ride a horse
        took him              home with me

            a double articulated horse
   sucking me           a red lobster
   this guy                 who could not
   quite believe             what I was

   quit sucking my cock like a girl
   guys know        how sucking dick's done
   and I like          to stand        straight
   you want         so much         to suck my dick

   getting there too late          sharing
   say goodbye             I always told you
   be an internet         porn star
   get beat up               and get raped

   your cherry        for another dick
   is focus             greasy fingers open
   get ready         &           enter this
   life claim          deep in the butt

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