Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 more sonnets for Barbecue

These two sonnets are some leftovers from the daze induced by being immersed in realist internet writings about gay teens and young college gay males in North America. (If one wishes to understand a society, study the educational institutions; comment attributed to Lacan.)

A sort of collage of colliding images in apparent collapse, is one suggestion;  another being always a happy ending and boy falls eternally in love with boy. And the pop music and media soup in which these characters are immersed. Internal rhyme takes up here, also. (and The Eternal Return)

echoes in capacious rooms he feels
deals an inverted claustrophobia
deserted and lost in booms of heavy
artillery fire which then inspire

surrenders without any pretenders
that may turn the weather black
concerning fictions invented rented out
with no copyright claims on vented anger

frizzle hot in drizzle face shape chisel
not even the rain comes down with frowning
crowning a clown in pain not even you will
blame drowning at sea and main frame failure

let it be for now not a cow or bull
computation comes later; a lame game

what does your surname mean; did you ask?
what way, would say an adventure tale
of clan rivals taming these names, fleeing
aristocrats from liberty, revolution

abhors abrupt mere doormats, no dentures
no teeth for the poor, being oppressed
swarming boys exceed limit line equals
mobbing one with feeling, the great unwashed

a daily bath in water for a ruling class
and a path of wrath; without polished,
clout; who has it. A convoy of people march
getting hotter, ballot rigged against hope

selling as dope civil basket religiosity
bracelets on wrists bracket this claim

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