Sunday, May 26, 2013

... and 36 more lines for BBQ

These 36 lines felt difficult to write and in the main, very difficult to revise and even after this there will be, of course, more revision and rewriting. The only way I can see into writing this long poem, now over 50 pages, is with fragments like this.

I  like the way a blog can be an archeology. What is now appearing is a formal queer structure as diagonal connections across and between lines of text often pages apart. The etymology of queer is a diagonal move across the flow, also a rival.

he erupts in my mouth
    sweet fructose semen
         a volcano shattering earth's crust
        as if a felony for sucking dick
        and non-reporting misdemeanours
        it was pot        no victim this crime
with a magistrate's word        and no way out
slowly seeping through cracks
    between local area courts
    an arrest warrant is made
    Ignore the illness & treatment
    attack those with diagnosis
    heinous serious crime
    cannot go unpunished
    prosecute misconduct
is there any relief from legal abuse
        justice miscarries
        a trope of pregnancy
        law breaking
        being aborted
        feminine failure
    child birth images of filial inference
    rule lives no matter the pain
    legal with patriarch law
    present search warrant        & raid
    homophobia is better        for pain
    the fallacy of right
    advert opportunity        can fit here
    make money with            illicit drugs
        play on words         come hard
        go to hole like     gay hole
        gaol etymology
        from old french

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